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Finally! Here it is! One of the new features on my blog in 2016 will be an English version. However, do not expect a translation of every blog entry that I’ve written so far. I don’t have enough time to do this and I am afraid, you will find information similar to mine in other places around internet. Instead, I am going to focus on things that are not so easy to find – useful guides, hints and information about Poland, in particular about Wrocław.

There is also one more advantage my blog will have over plenty other similar websites around the net. Firstly, I am financially independent, so I don’t need to write positive reviews in exchange for any favours. This is a very common practice in Poland and I feel like someone is puking on me, whenever I read an article, which is actually an advertisement. Secondly, I despise political correctness, so if you think I will not mention something or use some words, because they can hurt any social group or minority, think again. Finally, I love to swear in English. FUCK YEA! Deal with it! So if you feel like you need some proper guide around Wroclaw written in polite language, go somewhere else. No, really, go. It would be a waste of time for you to read, how I rant for whole section that some restaurant has shitty (well, not literally hopefully) toilets.

So if you are looking for some insider, ‚street’ info, that is hard to find on tripadvisor or other similar sites, written in casual – sometimes even too casual ;) – language, you’ve come to the right spot. Of course this is nothing but a side project of my Polish travel blog and do not expect content to pop up here every week. But, and yes I am trying to be objective here, content you’ll find on my blog is gonna be far more valuable than plenty of other sites, which only copy/paste outdated guides.